About us

Growing up, we spent sunny summer days at the beach or going to the lake, camping and hiking in the woods. In the winters we spent weekends at a cabin, snowboarding and enjoying the glow of ambers in a chilly night sky. Avoiding honking cars and crowded streets was important, this is when we realized nature keeps us grounded, calm and raw especially when life can often become too hectic.

Always CA was created off those feelings we have when out in nature. This line allows our feelings to be expressed in a comfy style that can be worn anywhere, hiking in the woods, strolling on the beach or even when we have to - walk the city streets. The brand will transpose you into that state of mind-pulling those natural feelings to the forefront and ultimately bringing a smile to your face, allowing you to remember a time that’s simple and unique to you.

Exploring California’s diverse landscape has inspired the creation of Always CA. We hope you will enjoy our brand and that it will encourage you to take time to step out into nature and find your own happy place.